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India summer

Performer AKA India
Birthday April 26, 1975
Astrology Taurus
Birthplace Des Moines, Iowa
Years Active 2006-2011 (Started around 31 years old)
Ethnicity Caucasian/Native American
Nationality/Heritage German/Irish/Native American
Hair Color Black
Measurements 32B-24-34
Height 5 feet, 5 inches (165 cm)
Weight 112 lbs (51 kg)
Tattoos Flower petal on top of left foot
Non-Ear Piercings Navel
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India Summer is the stage name of an American pornographic actress and nude model.

India Summer was born April 26, 1975 in Des Moines, Iowa.

She graduated college with a BA in Education and worked in finance for the Department of Agriculture.

Despite making her debut quite late, at 31 years old, she's one of the most active actresses in the porn industry with more than 230 titles.

In July 2009, she signed an exclusive girl/girl contract with the studio Girlfriends Films.

India Summer ” I had several real orgasms while Rocco was fucking me”

Exclusive Interview with India Summer by Pepe of

How old are you and where are you from India?
I’m 29 and I’ll be 29 for five more years…and then I’ll be 30 and I’m from Venus. The Goddess, not the planet.

Can you tell me your measures? How tall are you?
I could.

What did you do before starting in porn? Can you tell something about the jobs you had?
I went to college and earned a BA in Education. I immediately chose to disregard teaching and I took a better paying job working in finance for the Department of Agriculture. I worked there for six years until I decided to "go for" my dreams and enter the adult industry.

How did you got in the adult industry?
I was a swinger in my personal life. One day it occured to me that I could possibly make good money, live in California and have sex with incredible men and women…some of the best lovers possibly in the world, by being an adult actress and model. I thought why not?
I submitted photos of myself to agencies and people in the business in Los Angeles and I started getting offers to shoot.

How were you as a kid growing up?
I was a model child. I was very well behaved. I was an athlete and I did well in school. I think most people would describe me as quiet, cute and funny when I was a child. I never gave my parents problems. I was never sexually abused or raped or physically harmed. Relatively speaking, I had a good childhood.

You won the Best Actress Award in the last AVN. How was the experience of winning an award India?
I felt like I was the Queen of Fuckingham Palace! Honestly, I don’t do the movies to try to win awards. I do them because I enjoy doing them and it’s what I am good at. Because I entered into the industry later than most women, I never really thought that I would be in contention for awards or get the kind of roles that get you noticed. I feel so fortunate and gratified to have been recognized AVN. Winning a "Porn Academy Award" is the cherry on the cake of my career.

You won your award for your performance in “An Open Invitation A Real Swingers Party in San Francisco”. How was the shooting of the movie?
It was a wonderful life experience. I live in LA, so it is always a thrill for me to go to San Francisco. I love that city! Most adult video shoots take from 1 to 3 days to complete, maybe 4 days, but this movie took a full week to do. There was a lot of time and effort put into it and I think you can see that in the quality.
The cast and crew had a lot of time to be around each other and become a team. There was a lot of creative "back and forth" between the directors and the actors. There was a strong plot and outline for the movie but as actors, myself, James Deen, and the others had the challenge of improvising much of the dialogue. Doing a project like that, there are a lot of good times, tense times and frustrating times, but that is the beauty of the artistic process and I love it.
I love the bonding that comes with the amount of time you are forced to spend together and the challenges that you have to overcome together when doing a movie like that.
I could go on and on…from all the behind the scenes stuff to how amazing it was to be a part of the climactic swinger’s orgy at the end of the movie. I think it will always be one of the highlights of my life.

I can’t avoid to talk about two movies where you had a good buzz, we are talking about the porn comedy “Not Married with Children XXX” and your role as Sarah Palin in “Drill Baby Drill” What does mean that recognition of your habilities for your careeer?

"Drill Baby Drill" was really the one for me. I received a 2010 AVN Best Actress nomination for that movie and I think that is the role that really got some people to take notice of me. I threw myself into that role and studied and prepared as much as I could for it. Another thing about that movie is that I was allowed to add several jokes and some of my own dialogue to the script. I am very anti-Palin and being from the opposite side of the political spectrum I relished the opportunity to mock her.

I loved doing "Not Married" too. I love that show and I watched it growing up. I really enjoy doing the adult parodies because it gives you the chance to play some of your favorite characters. As an actress, I appreciate having a script, a plot and interesting settings and sets. I like that these type of movies give me a chance to express my other talents as well as my sexual talents.

Some performers are complaining about the crisis in the business, Are you still working in the same way that in the last months? Does India Summer notice about that crisis?
I understand what those performers are saying. Being an entertainer or athlete or independent contracter of any kind is always living in a kind of "low-grade" crisis, because you may never know where your next paycheck is coming from.
The first 2-3 years of my career were a constant crisis. You are always hoping and praying that your agent or a company is going to call you and book you for a job, and that the money won’t run out before you get your next job.
You are always hoping you’ll get that chance and opportunity at the right role, or that the right person will notice you. Even in the best of times, being an artist or entertainer is not the most stable or "crisis-free" career.
Ever since the collapse of our economy, times have been challenging and hard in the adult industry, just as it has been for most people in all industries.There have been a couple of industry "shut-downs" because of HIV scares in that time also.
While I have experienced some of the effects of the crisis, I have been fortunate in that my career seemed to be taking off and growing at the same time that the industry was "tightening it’s belt".
I was offered the contract by Girlfriends Films and I’ve been in more demand than ever before. So…no, it hasn’t hit me as hard as it has hit others in my industry. Again, even at the best of times, this industry isn’t for the faint of heart.

I would like to remember you signed in 2009 for the best lesbian company in the porn business, everybody knows I am talking about Girlfriend Films. What means for you being a part of the Girlfriends team?
It means everything to me. As we were just discussing, Girlfriends Films contracted me as a performer in the beginning of 2009 and it has made all of the difference in the world to me. First of all, as a performer, I knew that I could count on having work and some reliable income. It has given me a peace of mind and allowed me to focus my concentration on performing and getting better. Working for GFF has also allowed me to grow as a performer and to experience and express my love for women. The support and stability I have had through Girlfriends has been invaluable to me. It’s possible that I wouldn’t even be in the adult business any longer if they hadn’t been there.

Can you tell me something about Girlfriends Films, we can see you in a lot films of the company, my impression about the staff and the performers is that you are like a family Am I wrong?
You are very perceptive. I do feel like we are a family and team. I like that in a work place and it’s the kind of environment that I want to perpetuate and be a part of.

Are they your favourite company for work?
They are my favorite Lesbian, girl-girl company to work for!

Do you think the most of the fans of Girlfriends Films productions are men or women?
We have a wide variety of lifestyles and people who enjoy our movies, but I think there are more men.

Maybe I am probably wrong, but is really weird seeing strap on or dildo scenes in Girlfriends movies, Why does it happen?
Yes, you are probably, maybe, definitely wrong. I know that there are some lesbians who dont like penetration, I know that there are a small percentage of lesbians who hate or fear men, but I know that most lesbians or bisexual women very much enjoy penetration. It is simplistic to think that because a strap-on is a phallus and that a phallus is "male" that lesbians don’t enjoy it or find the feeling exciting.
By nature, women were designed to be penetrated. Our vagina has the "G-spot" on the inside and deep and wide penetration is very sexually satisfying and stimulating for most women. Anyone who tells you that lesbians shouldn’t enjoy or have strap-on sex is some kind of extremist.

Much contract girl can’t work for other companies when they sign for her companies. Can you combine your work as a contract girl with other companies?
I have a non-exclusive contract. I can work with any company doing male-female scenes, but I am limited in who I can do girl-girl work for. Obviously I am not allowed to work for the other major "lesbian" companies.

I notice you have a special chemistry with Prinzzess the other contract girl in Girlfriends Films, Can you tell me something about Prinzzess? Are both good friends when the camera is off?
I adore Prinzzess. She is my friend, my lover and I think of her as a sister. We get along great when the camera goes off or on. We’ve spent a lot of time together, traveled together, laughed and cried together, made love together. And I will tell you this about her, she is very smart and motivated. I love her!

Recently I heard about another lady in porn left the adult business, we are talking about Rayveness, I read in other interview you feel an especial chemistry with her as well, Are you going missing her in Girlfriends Films?
Yes and no. Rayveness is also my friend. I say "yes" because I’ve missed her being with Girlfriends Films, but I will still see her outside of the industry. We’ve had lunches and dinners together. I’ve visited her at her place, so I still see her and talk with her. For me, it isn’t like she has "disappeared off the face of the earth". I respect and understand any performer who decides to retire or leave the industry. Sometimes we all need to take a break and sometimes it’s time to move on to something new. Rayveness is a great spirit and has a great spirit and that will always be missed.

You have done fantastic and very hot performances working for Girlfriend films, Women seeking women, Imperfect Angels, Netskirts, Lesbian Triangles, Any series from the company especially you like to work?
I like all of them, but Lesbian Legal is the one that sticks out to me.

Lets’ Talk about now about the Girls you work in Girlsfriends Films, There are a lot of good actress you have worked, What are your favourite girls to work in GirlFriends Films?
Honestly I don’t want to name names. If I do, I’ll leave somebody out that I meant to include, and then I’d feel bad. Also there isn’t room to name all the performers I’ve loved working with. I’ll tell you, I love certain kinds of performers. I love women that are really bi or gay. I don’t like working with "gay for pay" actresses. I don’t really like working with inexperienced and young actresses who don’t have spirit or fire in their heart. I don’t mind if you are young, I mind if you just lay there and act like a dead fish. If it is a new girl or a young girl, she may not have skills yet, but she needs to have passion.

Do you think that for being a great performer in lesbians’ productions you have to be only lesbian or you can be a great performer being hetero or bi also?
No I don’t think you need to be a lesbian to be a great girl-girl performer. That is bigotry. It’s ridiculous to think that only lesbians have a right to perform or engage in girl-girl sex. I think bi-sexual women are every bit as good and legitimate as lesbians when it comes to performing. In fact I would argue that "bi" female performers are the best performers of all. I’ve had sex with lesbians and they were terrible at it. Just because you are attracted to other women doesn’t mean you are any good at having sex with them or performing on camera. And as for straight girls doing bi or gay sex… I hate it. I think it’s usually obvious to the keen observer if the girl or woman is "gay for pay" as we say. I don’t think "straight" women should do lesbian or bi sex scenes because their scenes are typically "flat" or dead scenes.

Are you bisexual India?
I am a try-sexual. I will try just about anything and see if I like it. As for men and women, I am attacted to both, I am physically and mentally turned on by both. I’ve been in love with both and I make love to women and men in my private life and on camera. Do you think I am bisexual?

What do you like about making love to girls?
The difference in the nature of the energy, the female essence, the softness, the curves, the breasts, the feeling I get bringing another woman to orgasm.

We are talking a lot about your lesbians performances but what about your Boy/ Girl scenes? In fact recently you have done a super hot scene for Naughty America with Billy Glide in the naughty office series. Did you enjoy with that scene?
Yes! I have really good chemistry with Billy and his cock is gorgeous, big and thick. We’ve worked together several times and it’s obvious we enjoy performing together.

I remember another super hot performance doing a threesome with Rocco Sifreddi and Faye Reagan for Evil Angel. Any good memories from that hot and nasty scene?
All my memories of that scene are great! I was really looking forward to performing with Rocco. Faye is a doll and we go way back, so that was another bonus getting to play with her too. I jumped at the chance to work with Rocco. He is a legend and when I watched his scenes I would get really turned on. I love his big cock, I love the way he dominates and take s control of the women. It was a dream come true for me to work with him, I would love to do it again, hopefully anal. Sorry. I forgot to mention how hard I came during the scene and that I had several real orgasms while Rocco was fucking me.

Who were your favourite porn stars?
Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton and John Edwards, Brett Favre and Camille Grammer.

And now, what are your favourite’s girls in porn?
I don’t want to play favorites. There are a lot of women in the adult industry that I adore, like and love. It’s like a rainbow of 100's of colors to me. I am fond of and I respect so many of the ladies that it wouldn’t be fair to list only a few.

Any industry people you have not the opportunity to work yet and want very badly and why?
From the top of my head I would list people like Mandingo or Lex Steele. I’ve been scheduled to work with Tori Black a few times but the shoots fell through. I’d love to work with her some day. I think the "why?" is obvious.

Any porn star you are a close friend in the business?
Yes, most of my close friends are women and men who are performers. I socialize and hang out quite a bit with my girlfriends from the business.

What are some interests you have outside of porn?
Nature, art, music, scuba diving, hiking, food, cooking, gardening, animals, mysteries… I think it’s important to have many interests outside of porn. I think it’s important for me to grow and evolve as a complete person.

Let’s talk about sexy stuff… What is the best way to make you cum? What do you prefer cocks or pussies?

It depends… depends on the mood I am in, or the cock. I am a bit of a "size-queen". If it’s a beautiful big cock, I prefer the big cock most of the time, but sometimes I am strictly in the mood for a sweet peach (pussy).

Do you like anal sex India? Would you mind doing anal scenes in the future?

I love anal sex. I am just waiting for someone to hire me to do it or ask me to do it. I didn’t always "love" anal, I would do it to please my partners, but over the past few years I’ve started to evolve to a true appreciation of it. I’ve had amazing orgasms during anal sex.

Spit or Swallow?

If I really like the lover or if I am really turned on, I will swallow. That’s in my private life I mean.

Do you like doing gang bangs?
I love the idea of gang bangs. Sometimes in reality they aren’t as exciting as they should be. If you could promise me several guys who can keep their cocks hard, who are team players and who have all showered and are clean, then you’re talking! I would love that. I would love to have many well hung studs take turns fucking my pussy, fucking my mouth, taking my ass. That is a fantasy of mine that hasn’t come true yet.

How many guys did you fuck in a scene?
I think three is the most I’ve been with at one time.

Did you do some bukkake, would you like doing it?
I did a "blow bang" once with 8 or 9 guys. Just blowjobs. I’ve never done bukkake and I don’t imagine that I will, I don’t think that’s my cup of tea.

Can you Squirt India?
Hmmm… you don’t know me very well. Check out "Shane Diesel Makes em Squirt" or "Real Squirters #5" or "Squirt Inspector" or "MILF Squirters". Yes, I can and do squirt.

Do you think the industry protect performers enough about STD I mean Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV etc?
I think the industry, like all industries, does the minimum it can do to get by. I think there is room for improvement when it comes to protecting and taking care of industry talent.

How a normal day is for India out of the movie sets?
I really don’t have a "normal" or typical day. Because of the variabilty of my schedule I have to live from day to day and just try to use each day for what it gives me. When I have a day off, I am just like everyone else. I go to the grocery store and market, I wash my clothes, I pay my bills, all of the normal everday things we all to do.

We can say you are a milf, being one of the youngest looking 30+, you have an amazing and super hot body, How do you keep your body in a such good shape?
Well, all of the sex I have helps! I am very active and I have a healthy diet. I was an athlete growing up, a long distance runner and a swimmer. I have to say that I’ve been lucky to be born with good genetics. As an adult I’ve continued to swim and run or practice yoga. I also hike, ride a bike and do some weight training. I do a little bit of all these things to keep fit.

Do you have boyfriend India, are you in love?
I have been in an open relationship with my man and best friend for twelve years, ever since I was in college. I also have a few boyfriends and a few girlfriends, and they are all my real lovers. Yes, I am "in love", I am love. I am an agent of Venus sent here to help humans love one another better.

Do you know Spain India? Would you like our country in the future?
I have never been to Spain, but I do have Spanish relatives who live outside of Barcelona and I’ve made love with Spanish men. I dream of visiting Spain one day and spending some time there exploring the country.

Do you know something about our habits and costumes?
Yes I do, I am very fascinated by other cultures and customs. The thing I am most familiar with is Spain’s artist and painters. I am also aware that Spain’s athletes and football team had a very successful year and summer. I watched quite a few World Cup matches and I am a big fan of Rafa Nadal.

Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote?
I’d just like to mention that I will be starting my own web page and site and that I expect to move into directing and producing movies for myself and others by the end of this year. I have a pile of projects to do and I am looking forward to releasing my own erotic visions and movies.

Did you feel comfortable with the interview India?
No, but I think I was the chair I was sitting in. ~wink. Yes, very comfortable. Thank you for having me and for giving me the opportunity to share a little bit about myself with your readers. Oh… and my measurements are 34-24-36 and I am 5’5" tall. I weigh 110lbs.

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